29 May 2012

Hello Sunshine

Finally, out of the marina. Finally, got a sail up.
dinghy prepared
aaaah, such happy times can only bring expense and misery.
sails up

isn't it lovely

Happy happy happy
just coming around to land, flaps down

shortly after the pics were taken, I discovered a loose raw water inlet valve for the engine.

Varekai had to be rushed back into the marina the next day, craned out and waiting for me when I got home from work.


all pics courtesy of the man with the camera, Gids. Mucho mucho gracias.

getting some miles in

leaving my sorry looking Dehler 36 behind for a couple of weeks I jumped on a plane and headed for Gran Canaria.
Along with Skipper Des and crew mate Keith we had ten days to move a Hanse 371 from the canaries to Portugal, as far north as possible in the time we had.

it went something like this:
The taxi along sheer drops around the island

skip eats a mini monty from the pan

arriving at porto santo

Keiths favourite spot off-watch

The Jayne-burka - factor 200 sunscreen
The yellow wagtail thought this may be an unusually large mate in equally fetching yellow
Skip pulled some exotic bird. She was found face down in the oranges next morning, sent off to Davy Jones locker
the daily dose of Dolphin

Night watch

watching the sun go down
and then watching the sun come up again on the other side

I suppose I better look like I can steer this thing since we've done 1000 miles already

The rain, obligatory on every trip

The route we took, in 3 legs, 3 days, 4 days and then 1.5 days

 These are stills from the video I am making. Watch this space.